The International Live Events Association provides members and stakeholders:

  • Collaborative networking

  • Education and professional development

  • Inspiration

  • Outward awareness and credibility to ensure a thriving global creative events profession


President - Candie Beane
A year ago, when I accepted the position of president-elect, I think it’s safe to say I had no idea I would be thrusted into a leadership role during a pandemic, a time when there are no live events, when my colleagues and friends are furloughed or laid off, when my city has reached an all-time unemployment high, corporate budgets are frozen and increased awareness, support and action for our black community has never been more important. A time when diversity needs to transition from a fancy buzz word into something we constantly pursue as an on-going goal.
I have two main goals this year. The first is membership. There is no doubt many of us are struggling financially and membership fees are not a priority. I want you to know that membership has never been more important. ILEA International allows you to network with industry professionals outside of our city and help you make connections for your future. We have ways to support you now more than ever. If membership is still not an option and you have been a part of our ilea family in the past, please know that I will work with my board to find innovative ways to provide value and support for everyone.
To our paying membership, we will continue to reach out to you in various ways to find out what’s important to you right now? What can we do as your association help you over the next 12 months?

My second goal is to increase our diversity and inclusivity. Ilea has been one of the most inclusive and welcoming associations I have been a part of, but we can do more. We must do more. This year, I plan to work with our programs & education team to find more venues, panelists, and sponsors that showcase and promote more LGBTQ and people of color professionals within the Las Vegas events community. We have to look outside of comfortable circles and actively seek out these professionals because it’s through diversity that we will become stronger, more creative and not only grow as individuals and as a community.

It is my belief we were placed here for a reason and that reason is change. When the world is in turmoil, we are being asked to navigate our chapter through troubled times. With that comes great responsibility to speak up and speak for our colleagues. We are creatives. We are planners. We are a community of doers. We are being called up now more than ever to use our talents and skills to make our community, our world a better place for equality and growth. We keep hearing about our new normal and how naïve we were to think it was strictly COVID related. Our new normal is about lifting one another up, not tearing one another down. It’s about seeking out new members, new friends, new partners. It’s about working together to expand our network and not take the easy road out. It’s about
having healthy competition with respect and a genuine happiness when you see someone succeed. It’s about being grateful when you are surrounded by beautiful, creative souls who make you a better human.

At first glance 2020 looks like the end of days, but this is really an opportunity for a fresh start - for significant and meaningful change. So today I challenge myself, my board, and you to think a little differently, open up your mind and your heart, use your voice to fight for what’s right and shine light on what’s wrong, move past what’s  comfortable and do what’s hard and in the end, I guarantee our community will be better for it!

Candie Beane, 2021 President
ILEA Las Vegas Chapter